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Our Story

Bringing craft to Downtown Houston



Frost Town was One of the First Neighborhoods in Houston!



Meet the team behind the beer



FTB Strives to Do Good by the Community


Our Story

A Brew Renewed

Frost Town Brewing was born from an idea to brew uniquely Texan beer inspired by the people. The concept underwent many changes over the years, but we always stayed true to our mission: serving refreshing, sessionable beer for our local community. 


With a passion for independent craft beer, ambitions for what the Houston brewing scene could become, and a team assembled, the brewery began anew. Frost Town Brewing embraces the reverence of Texas brewing history and develops recipes from local inspiration.

Once we learned of the beer history of the bygone Frost Town neighborhood, we knew the name was a perfect fit. An original neighborhood of the Houston area, lost to railroad & highway expansions, a brewery and taproom was an excellent way to bring life back to the city's past. After all, who doesn’t want to head to Frost Town during a hot Texas day? If you are trying our beer for the first time or you are a taproom regular we want to welcome you to the Frost Town family.



Frost Town Fam


FTB History

Frost Town is considered one of the first neighborhoods in the city of Houston.

Early residents settled along the banks of Buffalo Bayou on lots of land purchased by the Frost family from the Allen Brothers. Frost Town emerged as a flourishing immigrant community, with periods of German and Mexican influence in the neighborhood.

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Census records indicate that Frost Town was home to one of the earliest commercial breweries in Houston, just across Jackson Street from our location. Other prominent breweries in early downtown Houston include Magnolia Brewery and Gabel’s Brewery. Much of Frost Town has since been paved over by highways, but there’s a living history underneath the city. For more information on the history of Frost Town or the archeological digs of the area, visit our friends at the Houston Archeological Society.



We want Frost Town to strive towards being an active contributing member of the community

All Y'all

Craft beer brings people together, and we want everyone to feel welcomed to share a pint among friends in our community. We’re here to offer a safe space and a smiling face. After all, this beer is for y’all! 

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Awareness of our impact is built into our values. We acknowledge that the process of brewing and serving beer affects our community and our planet. As we grow, we will be continuously focused on becoming more aware and more environmentally friendly. Here are some steps we are taking right now to reduce our impact on the environment:

  • Delivery of spent grain and yeast to a local cattle ranch to be used for feed

  • Composting brewing waste from hops

  • Native landscaping to promote a healthy local ecosystem

  • Using local suppliers where we can

  • Limiting plastic products in packaging, service, and operation

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