A Brew Renewed

Frost Town Brewing was born from an idea to brew uniquely Texan beer inspired by the people. The concept underwent many changes over the years, but we always stayed true to the mission of our founders: serving refreshing, sessionable beer for our local community. The plan started back in 2013 with the visionary, Paul (while drinking an IPA, probably).

Delays, a new location, a new name all followed. Finally, with a team assembled in 2018, the brewery began anew, embracing the reverence of Texas brewing history and developing recipes from local inspiration. John, Kyle, and Hannah took the reins with a passion for independent craft beer and ambitions for what the Houston brewing scene could become. 

Once we learned of the beer history of the bygone Frost Town neighborhood, we knew the name was a perfect fit. After all, who doesn’t want to head to Frost Town during a hot Texas day? After many different brews, brewery visits, and discussions with fellow beer lovers of Texas, we are ready to serve y’all. 

We hope you join us for some local pride by the pint!