Frost Town is considered one of the first neighborhoods in the city of Houston.

Early residents settled along the banks of Buffalo Bayou on lots of land purchased by the Frost family from the Allen Brothers. Frost Town emerged as a flourishing immigrant community, with periods of German and Mexican influence in the neighborhood.

Drawing of homes and roads
Three people investigate brick structure in dirt
Person looking at dirt with brick structure behind
Group of people masked looking at camera

Census records indicate that Frost Town was home to one of the earliest commercial breweries in Houston, just across Jackson Street from our location. Other prominent breweries in early downtown Houston include Magnolia Brewery and Gabel’s Brewery. Much of Frost Town has since been paved over by highways, but there’s a living history underneath the city. For more information on the history of Frost Town or the archeological digs of the area, visit our friends at the Houston Archeological Society.